Tiptoe Into Spring With Fresh Tulips

Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of fresh tulips when you see them in spring. It is often possible to order these blooms from area florists year-round, too. Instead of picking up a bunch at the local grocery store, spend a little more to have the freshest, highest-quality tulips delivered by a florist or flower delivery service. You will be amazed at the difference in appearance and longevity.

Some tips for your tulips include:

Taking care of blooms

Tulips are fairly hardy, and they can last a long time in arrangements or displays when you take care of the flowers. When the heads start to droop, poke a pin-hole through the stem just below the petals. Wrap bundles of tightly wrapped tulips and soak them in a bucket of water overnight to straighten out curved or bent stems.

Some other care tips for tulips include:

  • Use a floral "frog" to hold tulips in place when creating an arrangement, or fill the bottom of your vase with marbles that will help support each stem.

  • Spraying the blooms of your tulips with a fine mist of water daily can make them last longer.

  • Don't display your tulips near a direct source of heat, or they will fade quickly.

Cut 'em short

If you cut the stems of your tulips short, you will be able to bunch them together and fill a wider container with blooms. This also disguises any drooping blooms, too. Arrange your short arrangement with slightly taller stems in the middle for a rounded look.

Leave 'em tall

Tall vases of tulips are dramatic and can be a beautiful centerpiece or focal point in your room. Let the stems droop or move as they naturally will to give the piece a beautiful, overflowing appearance. Remove most of the green leaves from the tulip stems to accent the flowers and to prevent crowding in the vase.

The whimsy of white

Many buyers may overlook the beautiful white tulips that are widely available. These make a stunning and versatile arrangement when paired with unique greens such as eucalyptus branches and even balsam boughs! Keep the white tulip stems long, stripping them of most leaves, to add an elegant, dramatic touch to your greens.

Tulips are a lovely symbol of the warmer weather and sunny days of spring. These make an ideal accent for any space in your home or office, and truly will brighten the mood of all who see them. Try some of these strategies to get the most out of your fresh tulips.