Mixing And Matching Flooring Options Helps Enhance Your Home's Decor

Having new hardwood flooring or carpeting installed in your home creates a fresh palette for your design ideas. If you've been thinking about taking it one step further, consider a multifaceted flooring option. Layering and incorporating different flooring types helps you create a diverse look throughout your home. When you stick with similar color tones, your room goes one step above ordinary and turns into a design showcase. Choose any of these flooring types to create a flowing look throughout each room.

Hardwood Flooring

A popular choice among many homeowners is hardwood flooring. Begin by choosing the type of flooring you would like to have installed. There are generally two types—solid and engineered. A solid wood is pure wood from top to bottom. Engineered varieties include wood veneer varieties that make up parts of the wood plank. Solid wood is often a popular choice because it can be cut, stained and refinished several times. Select a hardwood that accentuates your home's decor and creates an appearance that matches area rugs or carpeting that you would like to pair it with.


Carpeting provides an updated look that can be paired up with hardwood and other flooring types. Choosing a carpet to partially fit over your hardwood floors gives a welcoming contrast and protects your hardwood floors against heavy traffic. Whether you choose a loop, texture, twist or pattern-type carpeting, there are countless colors and thickness ranges that will work for the look you want to achieve. Layer your carpeting on top of your hardwood throughout the living room. You can bring the look together in the foyer using just hardwood. Tie in a dimensional appearance by having a section of carpet run up the hardwood stairs.


More homeowners are choosing ceramic and porcelain tiles as a flooring option in their living room and family room area. The reason for this is because of durability and the ability to layer the floor with area rugs or carpeting. This is perfect for busy families or if you have pets who love to track through these areas of your home. Cleanup is easy and most tile floors are resistant to heavy use and scratches. Tile is available in several color shades and types to match up with surrounding carpet, vinyl or hardwood flooring you may already have in your home.


If you're looking for an economical flooring alternative, vinyl is a welcoming choice. The design possibilities are endless with vinyl. Colors, styles and designs range from simple to intense geometric designs that will really make your floors stand out. Some vinyl flooring options are made to appear like hardwood or tile. This allows you to create the look you want and still stay in budget.

Pairing up flooring types allows you to incorporate several looks while creating a decorative flow to your home decor. For more information, contact National Carpet Mill Outlet or a similar company.