Flower Delivery: What Questions To Ask?

You want to have flowers delivered to someone and you aren't sure which flower shop to use, but they are all the same right? No, all flower delivery service providers aren't the same and you want to make sure you choose a company you can count on.

You want to talk directly with the company that is delivering the flowers, and not with an outsourced management company that sends the order to one of their subsidiaries. You also want to ask these questions before you pick a flower delivery company to use.

What Happens if No One is Home?

Ask the flower delivery company what will happen if no one is home when the flowers arrive? Will they leave them at the residence, or will they try the address later? You don't want to find out that the flowers were left outside and the vase fell over and broke, or that the wind blew them and they got damaged. You also don't want them to freeze, or get damaged by sun or rain.

What Exactly Am I Paying For?

If the flower delivery company says a mixture of flowers, ask for the break down. You want to know if you are paying for two roses and a bunch of carnations, or for a handful of roses and a few carnations. This will make a big difference with how the bouquet looks, and you don't want to pay a lot of money for an arrangement full of filler flowers. Also ask if deliver is added into the total, and if a vase comes with the bouquet.

Is There are Guarantee?

Some flowers shops will guarantee that their plants or flowers will last for a specific amount of time, because they only sell the highest quality of greenery. If the company does offer some type of assurance, this means they stand behind their plants, and they offer high quality flowers and plants that should last for more than a day if taken care of properly.

If you are going to spend the money to send someone flowers because you can't be there to give them yourself, you want to make sure you are giving great flowers that are worth the cost. Don't just use the first company that you find in the yellow pages or online, and take the time to find a flower delivery provider (like Grapevine Garden & Floral) that is going to handle your order with care.