3 Signs That Your Basement Isn't Properly Waterproofed

Basements can be extremely handy, and those that are properly built and waterproofed can be well-protected against the elements. However, many basements aren't properly waterproofed, which can lead to major problems. A good basement waterproofing company can help you, but you'll need to know about the problem first. Luckily, if you look for these three signs, you should be able to discover your waterproofing problem before it gets out of control.

1. Water Marks on Walls

Even if you don't spend a lot of time in your basement, it's important to go into the basement and turn the lights on to look for water marks regularly. Even faint marks should not be ignored; if you see water marks on your walls—or on your windows—then it's time to have your basement waterproofed as soon as possible.

2. Mold or Mildew

Dark, damp basements can seem like a breeding ground for mold and mildew, but a well-insulated and waterproofed basement should not have any of these issues. Mold and mildew can begin in traces on the walls but can be found anywhere in the basement, so it's important to keep your eye out. Regardless, you should not ignore mold or mildew if you find them in your basement, no matter how small of an amount you might find. Mold can be detrimental to your family's health and needs to be tended to as soon as possible.

3. Musty Odor

Excessive moisture in a basement can lead to a very unpleasant smell. A musty odor can happen in any area that has excessive moisture, but it can be even more prevalent in basements. This is because basements are often dark and rather warm, which can be a breeding ground for these odors. Along with checking for an overall musty-type smell when you first enter the basement, you can also check furniture and any upholstered surfaces for this odor. If you notice it, then you need to have your basement inspected, cleaned and waterproofed right away.

As you can see, there are plenty of noticeable signs that you can look for if you're worried that your basement isn't properly waterproofed. If you have noticed any of these three signs, then it's critical to hire a basement waterproofing company to come and fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could have to worry about damage inside of your basement, foundation issues and more.