Moving Your Electronics

If you are going to be moving to a new home in the near future, and you have a lot of electronic equipment you will be bringing along, care should be taken to ensure nothing is broken during the ride. Since electronic equipment can be costly to replace, taking the time to pack it properly is important so it arrives safely. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your electronics arrive as they did when you packed them.

Take A Look Around

Check your home to see if you had saved any of the original boxes that electronics had come in when you had purchased them. You may have saved the foam inserts that many electronics are housed in when in their original packaging. The boxes would be the proper fit, and you would have protection around the items when putting them back in their original containers.

If you cannot find the boxes, see if there are any other large boxes in your home that would fit each piece of equipment. You can use packing peanuts inside these boxes to help cushion electronics during a move.

Keeping Wires Together

Take pictures of wire configurations of each piece of electronic equipment before you unplug it to prepare for packaging. This will help you figure out how to rewire it properly when you get to your new home. This can save you a lot of time and aggravation. Unplug all the wires, loop them neatly and use garbage ties to keep them from unraveling. Place these items inside large see-through plastic storage bags.

Label each bag with large, dark print specifying which piece of electronic equipment the wires go with. Tape the bag to the interior of the box along with the electronic component so they will be kept together.

Labeling Boxes

When you pack up boxes with your valuable electronics, tape the tops shut so the items will not slip out of the packaging. Make sure you have the items surrounded by packing peanuts, sheets, towels, or other cushioning items before closing the box. Label the exterior side and top of each box with the word "fragile" to alert the moving company workers that the contents are to be handled with care.

You may want to use colored tape for items that need to be handled more carefully. Alert the drivers that these items need to be watched after so they do not become crushed by other items. For more advice, speak with experts like Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving.