Dog Owners: 3 Tips to Save Your Patio Screen Door

If you have a patio screen door, you probably love being able to enjoy the outdoor air without having to worry about bugs or lawn debris. However, your pet might like your screen door a little too much. To help protect your patio screen door from dog scratches, follow these three tips.

1. Ask for a Pet-Resistant Screen

Instead of opting for regular mesh for your screen door, consider asking for a pet-resistant screen instead. This type of screen is very similar to the mesh that is usually used in patio screen doors, but the weave is a lot tighter. Since the holes are much smaller, it will be much tougher for your dog to get its claw stuck in the screen. This can help prevent tearing while still providing you with the same breezy feel.

2. Install a Metal Door Guard

One excellent option is to install a metal door guard on the bottom of your patio screen door. This metal guard attaches directly to the bottom of the screen door. Many pets do not like the feel or noise of scratching on metal, so it can help train your dog to stay off of your screen door completely. Plus, even if your furry friend does start scratching, you don't have to worry about your screen tearing. You will still be able to enjoy the top part of your screen, but you won't have to worry as much about pet damage.

3. Use a Baby or Pet Gate

Consider restricting your dog so that it cannot reach your screen door at all. One good choice is to use a baby or pet gate in front of the screen door. Although you and your loved ones will either have to move the baby gate out of the way or step over it when you come through the doorway, this is a good way to allow your pet to hang out on the porch with the rest of the family without allowing him or her to cause any damage. This can also help prevent your pet from slipping out of the door when it's open, so it can also help keep your furry friend safe.

Although you probably love your furry friend, you might not like the damage that it does to your screen door. Luckily, you don't have to give up your screen door just to get rid of the scratches and damage. Instead, try these three tips to enjoy both your screen door and your pet this summer. For assistance, talk to a professional like Scott's Screens.