Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions Homeowner's Tend To Have

Carpet provides a home with a comfortable feel that is unmatched by other floor coverings. However, unlike solid surfaces of vinyl or wood, carpet is much harder to clean and keep sanitary. Constant vacuuming, immediate attention to spills, and regular professional cleanings should be part of your carpet-care regimen as a homeowner. However, many homeowners make some pretty big mistakes when it comes to cleaning their carpet, and the mistakes that they tend to make usually come from some fairly big misconceptions. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about cleaning carpet that you should know as a homeowner.

Misconception: Paying for professional cleaning is not necessary when you can rent the shampooers yourself.

Fact: It is true that you can rent a carpet shampooer from just about any retail store, but these machines are only a mock version of what professionals use. The professional carpet cleaning machines are incredibly expensive to acquire, because they have the capability to operate at high-temperatures and remove almost every drop of moisture.

Misconception: Using store-bought products will eliminate most stains.

Fact: Store bought products can be very helpful to get rid of some of the lighter stains that you have on your carpet, but set-in stains that have been hanging around for a while can be practically impossible to remove with just these products. The high-temperature steam that is used in most commercial carpet cleaning systems works to break down stains that have embedded deep in the carpet fibers.

Misconception: Even though cleaning your own carpet leaves it wet, it will dry out and be just fine.

Fact: Even slight moisture left to sink into your carpet can be a really big deal. Moisture can get into the underlying carpet padding and encourage mold development, which will not only cause odors, but cause the carpet to deteriorate as well. Therefore, tackling a dirty carpet with a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush is never a good idea unless you have a commercial-duty vacuum system that can completely eliminate the water when you are done. 

When you know all of the facts about keeping your carpet clean, you will be much less likely to make major mistakes that could cost you the life of the carpeting that you have in your home. Talk to a carpet cleaning service for more advice about keeping your carpets clean, looking like new, and capable of keeping your home comfortable for the long haul.

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