Important Reasons to Consider Installing Window Blinds

Are you getting your home ready for fall and winter? Are you trying to decide what improvements and renovations to make? Window blinds are effective on more than just warm days; here are some reasons you should consider having them installed before cold weather sets in:

Protection from sunlight: If you relied on leafy trees to block out the harmful sun during the summer, their bare limbs could now allow direct sunlight to stream in through your windows. While some think that sun damage only occurs in hot weather, direct sunlight on winter days can create problems as well. It can cause fabric to fade on your sofa, making it look old and worn. Sunlight can also dry out leather chairs, causing the surface to stiffen and crack. The exposed areas of your wooden tables can darken when exposed to the sun, making them look splotched and uneven. Once your furniture is harmed by the sun, it may require professional attention to restore it to its original looks. Having blinds installed will protect the investment you've made in time and money in your home furnishings. Blinds will block the sunlight and ensure that your furniture stays preserved until your trees are full of leaves again. 

Snow glare: Even with windows that get indirect sunlight, snow can reflect the sun's light into your home, causing health issues. Not only can solar rays damage skin and create a risk for skin cancer, they can also create several eye problems. Sunlight can cause photokeratitis, a painful burn on the eye's surface. Long-term unprotected exposure can also increase the risk of cataracts and cancer around the eyes. Additionally, it can lead to blindness caused by macular degeneration. Blinds can help protect your family's health by controlling everyone's exposure to dazzling light flashes and snow glare.

Spruce up for the holidays: If your budget doesn't allow you to do a complete remodel of your decor, new blinds can be part of your new look without straining your wallet. For example, after having horizontal blinds installed in your living room, hang translucent beaded curtains in front of each one. The beads will reflect your lighting, adding sparkles of random light throughout the room. Buy a plain large roller blind and have every family member decorate part of it with holiday pictures using indelible pens. Add pictures to it every year, creating a unique family memento. Have slatted blinds installed over your kitchen doorway so that you can use them to hide any messy areas from surprise visitors. 

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