Three Solutions To Give Your Home A Green Fence For Added Privacy And Security

If you want to have more privacy and security for your home, a fence can be a good solution. The only problem is that many fence designs offer a limited amount of privacy. If you want more, you can add plants and green screens to give your home more privacy. Here are some ways that you can give your home the privacy and security that you want with a green fence:

1. Planting A Vertical Garden On Any Fence

If you want to have an interesting look to your fence, you may want to consider doing a vertical garden. This is something that can include all types of plants and trees. You can even create a vegetable garden if you have limited space. This can be done by using planters that you attach to the fence. You can also use a fence design that includes a vertical garden feature when you have your fence built. If you want to blend your fence in with your home, you can continue the vertical garden along the walls of your home where they meet the fence.

2. Creating A Green Privacy Screen With Evergreens

You can also use many different types of evergreen plants that can make a great privacy screen for your fence. These can be small shrubs that you plant along the fence line. If they are low plants, you may want to train them to grow up the fence like a grapevine trellis. You can also choose taller plants to add a green privacy screen.  Look for plants that have a faster growth rate, but also remember that these will require more care and pruning.

3. Using Crawling Plants To Give Fencing Green Cover

You can also use many different types of crawling plants to give your fence privacy. Vines work really great for this. You can use English ivy to give the fence a green screen all year. Other vines that work well include honey sickles and blackberry vines. The fast growing vines will require cutting back every couple of years to prevent them from over taking your yard. You can also use fruit trees and other plants to grow along the fence line.

Greenery can be a great way to add privacy to the fence around your home. First, you will need to have a fence to get started. If you want a green fence, contact a landscaping contractor, such as Marlowe's We Care Company, and talk with them about helping with some of these ideas.