Stamped Concrete: Affordable Elegance

You can make your landscaping efforts look luxurious and elegant without having to pay a fortune if you choose to use stamped concrete for your driveway, patio, and other paved areas. Your friends and neighbors will think you had stone or even marble pavers installed when, in fact, your surface is trusty and dependable concrete.  


Having stamped concrete installed is much easier than installing other decorative materials. The technicians will mix and pour the concrete as usual but then stamp it with a design of your choice. Doing-it-yourself is extremely difficult, however, because many steps have to be completed in a short period of time. Color hardener and a release agent have to be applied before the concrete is stamped. If you stamp the concrete too soon, the design will not "hold" correctly. Still, when experts do the job, things go quickly and cost you less in labor.


Unlike pavers and stones, concrete does not settle unevenly or loosen. Over time, it will not need to be replaced or reset. Concrete lasts for decades and can take much abuse. Although it will develop small cracks over the years, these are disguised by the stamped concrete pattern. Every few years you will need to reapply a sealer. Usually, this step will restore the look of the color and add shine. You can also use a wax or polish for added protection. 


Not only does stamped concrete look great and last for ages, it is quite affordable. Stamped concrete generally costs between $10-$15 per square foot. In contrast, brick costs between $14-$20 per square foot while stone and marble costs between $17-$28. Even concrete pavers may cost more than using the stamped version. Although you can potentially save a significant amount of money with this surface, no one will think you got a bargain. Your new driveway or patio will look rich and expensive. 

Stamped concrete is one of the best choices you can make to enhance your home's landscaping. Beautiful and affordable, this substance requires less labor to install than many "high-end" materials. Because the pattern is "stamped" on, you have nearly limitless design choices. You can also choose from a variety of color options. This flexibility allows you to match or complement the design of your home. Once the stamped concrete is installed, you will only have to perform minimal maintenance through the years. Make your landscaping memorable with stamped concrete. Contact a landscaper, like, for more ideas.