A Guide To Stair Railing Kits

If you have a walkway without a stair railing, this can present some dangers to everyone on your property. Thankfully, stair railing kits are available to make installing a railing very straightforward. Here's what you need to know about stair railing kits. 

Benefits of Installing a Stair Railing

There are a few benefits to adding a stair railing to an existing building. First of all, it provides a more accessible walkway to people of all ages, making the building more appealing. You may also find that, depending on your building's intended use, stair railings are necessary if you wish to comply with the American Disability Association (ADA) guidelines. In order to make your space accessible, ADA suggests that stair railings need to be continuous and on both sides of the stairs, among other requirements. Stair railing kits make it simple to upgrade your stairways for compliance.

Types of Stair Railing Kits

There are a variety of railing kits available to meet your needs. One option is the surface mount kit, where posts are secured to the floor and a railing is secured onto the posts. If you have a reliable wall behind the railing, then a wall mount kit can also work well. Hybrid mount kits allow you to use a combination of wall mounts and surface mounts; these can be useful in cases where the stairway leads up to a building. Finally, if you are looking to comply with ADA laws, you can look into a stair railing kit that is certified ADA compliant.

How to Install a Railing Kit

The first thing to do when installing a railing kit is to speak with a contractor about your options; these professionals can help you choose a railing that is both functional and efficient for your needs. The contractor will also be able to guide your choices, based on the actual installation location, to make sure that the railing will be stable. 

Once your contractor has installed the railing kit, be sure to test its strength; you may want to place some of your body weight on the railing to make sure that it will hold in the case of a fall. Testing how much it moves in any direction when you apply some force can also help you assess the condition and strength of your new railing. A stair railing kit can be a great solution for a secure and affordable new railing.