Decrease Your Water Usage By Using Water Smart Landscape Design

Having a lush, green yard may look great, but it takes a lot of water and time to achieve that look. If you are on a metered water system and a tight budget, you may be looking at ways to cut back on your water usage. Using a water smart landscape design, you can get those savings you are after. Here are a few tips to decrease the amount of water you use in your yard.

Limit the Amount of Grass and Turf You Have in Your Yard

Grass uses a lot of water. In fact, the most common types that are used at residences require more water than most plants, groundcovers, shrubs and trees. If you are looking to reduce your water usage, either removing all of the grass in your yard, or significantly limiting it can help you with this goal. Instead of grass, consider using artificial turf, gravel or rocks, or groundcovers.

Use Native Plants and Those That Require Little Water

Another way to make your landscape design water smart is by using native plants and/or those that use little water. Plants that are native to your area typically can thrive on rainwater and other moisture, such as fog and humidity, without requiring much else. This means that you don't have to give them much water. Another benefit is that they can withstand the hot or cold temperatures in your area, so you don't have to worry about how weather elements will affect them. Drought-resistant plants and those that require little water are also great choices if you are designing a water smart yard.

Utilize Mulch in Your Landscaping

The last tip for decreasing water usage in your yard is to use mulch over the soil areas in your yard. One of the biggest benefits to mulch is that it helps keep moisture in the soil. This prevents it from drying out and requiring you to water your plants more frequently. A two to three inch layer of mulch is recommended to best protect the soil. Mulch also adds an aesthetic look to your yard, hiding ugly dirt and soil with a wide array of colored wood chips.

Some counties and cities offer incentives to homeowners to get them to take their lawns out and replace them with water smart landscaping designs. Check with your county or city to decide if there are any incentives or tax breaks if you decide to go this route. Regardless of if there is or isn't, reducing your water usage can help you to do your part to conserve water and reduce your water usage. Talk to a landscaping company, such as Cumberland Valley Tree Service & Landscaping, for more tips.