4 Stunning Ideas For Matching Backsplashes To Stone Countertops

Countertops and backsplashes are both highly visible surfaces in your kitchen. Both are also spaces where you can drive the style of your room, be it by getting creative in the color choices or sticking with classic materials. The two areas shouldn't be in competition with each other for visual appeal. Instead, match your stone countertops to a complementary kitchen backsplash.

Granite and Subway Tile

Granite is probably the most traditional of countertop materials, and with good reason. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and patterns. Plus, it requires little maintenance to stay looking beautiful. Subway tiles are also classics for the kitchen for similar reasons. Subway tiles are uniform in size and color and typically get installed in a classic brick pattern. Pair a granite countertop with subway tiles that pull a color out of the stone. For example, pull out the warm gold of the granite flecks or cool cream of the veining for the tiles.

Marble on Marble

Marble is a deluxe countertop material. While it's softer than granite, thus requiring more care, marble eventually shows a beautiful timeworn patina. This elegant material matches best with itself. Better Homes and Gardens suggests pairing a marble countertop with marble tiles for a cohesive look. It's also possible to pair such a countertop with a marble mosaic for a truly chic effect.

Soapstone and Glass

Soapstone is very resistant to stains and bacteria, making it ideal as a kitchen countertop material. The non-porous natural stone comes in a range of gray tones with subtle veining. While soapstone does offer a satiny sheen, the overall effect is understated. Therefore, the backsplash can take center stage. Consider shimmery glass for your backsplash. Glass tiles can come in any color, though the tiles are typically smaller than their ceramic counterparts. Glass reflects light naturally, making the tiles appear to glisten even when dry. Try to make a pretty counterpoint out of your backsplash, for example by selecting larger glass tiles in a bright color. Alternatively, consider a mosaic of analogous colors.

Quartz with Beaded Board

Quartz is an engineered material that provides consistent color and patterning. Crushed quartz is mixed with resin and pigment to create attractive countertops that come in a huge selection of colors and patterns. Since you have so many design options with a quartz countertop, consider pairing it with a neutral backsplash of beaded board. Beaded board provides a homey ambience characteristic of country kitchens.

Choose a backsplash that highlights the natural beauty of your stone countertops.

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