Optimize Your Home Theater Experience With The Right Lighting

If you have a home theater system or are contemplating investing in one, assess your current lighting situation first. The right light can make a huge difference in the resolution, color, and image that you see on your screen, as well as in the entire viewing experience. Take some time to evaluate the lighting in your home theater area and make adjustments to optimize your system.

Some tips to make the light right for your home theater system include the following:

Quality drapes. Achieving the right lighting for your home theater begins with your window treatments. Use room darkening drapes and blinds to keep out light that could impact what you see on the screen. Opt for opaque draperies and window treatments to filter light and avoid annoying reflections that can interfere with your system's resolution.

Tinted windows. Another solution to eliminating reflections on your television is tinted glass. Tinting your windows will prevent natural light from causing issues with how well you can see your viewing screen. Talk with glass contractors and retailers about products that can be used to tint existing windows for less money than replacement glass.

Recessed lighting. Recessed lights are ideal for a home theater because they tend to cast far fewer shadows, which is important in your home theater. Track lights are also popular, and both bring a modern, authentic feeling to your theater space.

Dimmer switches. Dimmer switches make it much easier to control lighting which affects the image on your theater screen. These also provide a means of controlling different areas of the space, so you can have it darker in front of your viewing screen while keeping other areas well-lit for tasks or activities in the same room.

Remote control. If you have a home theater, invest in remote control lighting for technological cohesion. Everything will be controlled through the touch of your finger and you won't have to leave your seat to adjust the lighting during a show!

LED light bulbs. Make sure that all of your lighting fixtures are equipped with LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs, which are more energy-efficient and that emit less heat when used. These require fewer replacements and offer 25 times more life than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also don't alter the colors in your room or on your screen, as incandescent or halogen bulbs may.

Try these tips to adjust and control the lighting in your home theater and to make the viewing experience more satisfying. Get rid of shadows, reflections on your screen, and discoloration by changing the lighting in your space to get optimal enjoyment from your home theater system. Click here for additional info.