The Metal Menagerie: Decorative And Functional Things You Can Do With Aluminum Animal Yard Art

In The Glass Menagerie, the main character collects little glass animals and creates a unique world around her. Just about any art medium can do the same thing, but it is aluminum animal yard art that really catches your eye. Artists create aluminum horses, cats, dogs, zoo animals, etc. using sheets of metal and aluminum, as well as aluminum cans. If this sounds like it might be something you want in your yard, here are some decorative and functional things you can do with these metal creatures.

On the Window Sill and on the Porch

Aluminum cats walking along a window sill or curled up on the ledge for a nap and aluminum dogs curled up on the front porch are cozy reminders to viewers that animal lovers dwell within the home. They may not look very life-like or even realistic, but their comical nature adds to their charm and makes people smile. You may even want to set an aluminum cat in your flowerbed so that it looks like it is daintily picking its way through your tulips, daffodils and what-have-you. The attached metal rods on some of these pieces allow you to firmly press them into one spot of earth and let them be.

Markers for Rows of Plants

Maybe your aluminum animals have words inscribed on their sides or on signs around their necks. If that is the case, you can use these metal friends to mark rows of vegetable plants, flowerbeds, and even fruit trees. It sure beats the old popsicle-and-paper method that often blows away in the wind.

A Real Metal Menagerie

The word "menagerie" was once used to describe a collection of animals in cages for viewing. Now most animals are in outdoor zoos. You can construct your own metal menagerie with all of the metal and aluminum animals created by metal artists in your area. You can even place full, 3D animals in cages or natural habitats, such as lions in pens and metal monkeys in your trees. A little imagination can help create a visual wonderland for guests.

Markers for Pets Who Have Passed On

Finally, aluminum animal art also marks the graves where your favorite pets have been put to rest. The artists can even make the aluminum animals look a little like your lost pets, which makes their little grave markers all that more special. As an added feature, you can have the name and year the pet passed away inscribed on the metal animal's collar or attached sign.

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