5 Attractive Features For A Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse design principles can give any kitchen a traditional style that never goes out of fashion. To realize the farmhouse style, you must bring together several small yet essential elements that complete the look. Here are five attractive features that will look great in any farmhouse kitchen.

1. Hardwood Floor and Furniture

Wood is the soul of the farmhouse design motif. Wood provides a natural backdrop that brings warmth to every part of the room. This is why many homeowners choose hardwood floors and solid wood furniture for their farmhouse kitchens.

When choosing furniture for the farmhouse style, look for pieces that are simple, understated, and solidly constructed. Farmhouse furniture has no place for intricate carvings and other embellishments. For hardwood flooring, look for neutral colors, wide planks, and avoid stained or painted wood. Pine is a classic choice.

2. Table Runner

Every farmhouse kitchen table should have a centerpiece, as well as a table runner beneath that centerpiece. Tan or white linens provide excellent contrast against solid wood tables. Your table runner will also look great when the table is set with a flower vase or pewter pitcher and wooden silverware.

Another popular choice in farmhouse kitchens is to use the table runner itself as the centerpiece. This way, your table still has an interesting focal point without sacrificing space. Quilted geometric patterns are the quintessential design choice for table runners in farmhouse kitchens.

3. Off-White Paint

Off-white paint provides an attractive, mild contrast against wood floors and furniture that accents the wood's natural texture. Painting the cabinets and walls in tan or cream hues will help to open up the space in your kitchen. Off-white brick walls also help to add breathing room while retaining a subtle, interesting texture of their own.

When you're working with neutral tones like wood and off-white, undertones become much more important. A good rule of thumb is to choose a paint that has a complementary undertone to your hardwood floor. Cherry woods and others that have warm undertones are best paired with a cooler white, while paint with a beige undertone can bring balance to cooler hardwoods.

4. Rustic Containers

Storage containers do more to add character to a space than many people realize. Storage options in the farmhouse design style are charmingly simple and functional, and they often keep their contents in plain view. Mason jars, wire or woven baskets, and open, wall-mounted shelving are all kitchen staples.

Metal frequently finds its place in the farmhouse kitchen in the form of lidded aluminum canisters, which may be quaintly labeled according to their contents. If you're looking for an even more stylized addition, consider using small galvanized metal troughs to house plants or as storage containers.

4. Apron-Front Sink

An apron-front sink is also sometimes called a farmhouse sink, which says a lot about its place in this design style. Apron-front sinks have a single deep basin that is slotted into a cut-out section of the counter. Apron-front sinks are based on large kitchen basins that were used to hold water from the 16th to 19th centuries before residential plumbing became widespread.

The apron-front sink is available in a wide variety of materials to match any kitchen design. Metal options include bronze, cast iron, and galvanized steel. You can also find apron-front sinks made of ceramic or natural stone like limestone, granite, or marble. These accessible sinks embody the utilitarian theme that is characteristic of the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse design is a great choice to make your house really feel like home. Use the tips in this guide to help you create the cozy kitchen you've always wanted!

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