4 Signs Your Kitchen Countertops Require Urgent Replacement

From marble to concrete, kitchen countertops are the epitome of any kitchen. No matter how formal or relaxed your kitchen goals are, the countertop should be practical, durable, stain-resistant, and extraordinary. Most often, homeowners are caught up in the craze to renovate the kitchen, but you might want to save your kitchen countertop. But, before you do, here are 4 signs your kitchen countertops require urgent replacement.

1. Cracks in the Surface

A countertop gets a great deal of use every day and is thus prone to degradation. Depending on the type of material, cracks can occur anywhere on the surface and are a sign that you need to get a new one. Even though tiny cracks may not be easy to notice, numerous fissures can necessitate a complete countertop replacement.

2. Warping

Countertops that show early signs of warping can leave a wide gap towards the edges. Warping is common in laminate countertops and can occur due to poor quality adhesive, bumping, placing hot kitchen appliances or heavy objects, and sitting on them. Sometimes, the warp may be irreparable and hence the need to do a complete makeover. Warping can also cause uneven surfaces which is common in old countertops. If you're buying a new home, you may want to renovate the kitchen and replace the countertops to ensure they're flat.

3. Stains or Marks

If you've had your countertop for several years, you may begin to notice stains that won't go away even with scrubbing. A stubborn stain can be difficult to remove, and therefore you should consider replacing the countertop with a new one.

4. Age

Without a doubt, your once beautiful countertop may waste away with time. If it's more than two decades old, chances are you'll begin to see the signs of tear and wear and hence the need to do a replacement. It may have missing tile tops, faulty and broken chips or the colors no longer match your home décor. If you want a different style or color, then you can consider replacing it.

Kitchen countertops are meant to stay for many years. However, even the toughest out there can get a beating from heavy use and need a makeover. Contact your contractor for an open discussion on kitchen countertops replacement for a revamped kitchen. They should help you find kitchen countertops that work well in your kitchen and have the features you need.