Epoxy Floors: Where to Put Them in Your Home

Epoxy floors can be a great way to add unique value and beauty to any room in your house. Epoxy is a clear and durable material that starts out as a liquid then dries into a solid, appearing to be similar to glass. Epoxy is used in many types of projects and is often used in art to make pendants or to complete crafts.

What makes epoxy floors so fun is this: you can put almost anything on your floor then finish off it with an epoxy pour to create a unique look no one else has. For example, you can line your floors with pennies and pour epoxy on top to create a money mosaic floor that is protected, clean, and durable.

Epoxy floors are best installed professionally since the slightest bubble, ripple of air, or temperature change can cause the material to come out uneven or just cause the floors to be less attractive than they might be otherwise. Epoxy floors can be used in many areas of the home, but some areas make more sense than others. This guide will show you where to put epoxy floors in your home.

The garage

Your garage floors can be protected and made less porous by having an epoxy garage flooring contractor come to your home to do the install. You can choose the colors you want your epoxy floors to be, then they will be installed according to the dimensions of the room. If you want the floors to be textured for safety and traction, let your epoxy floor installation specialist know.

The mudroom

The mudroom is often an extension of the garage and the floors can match so there is a cohesive design. These floors can even be installed at the same time. Since epoxy floors are easy to clean and water-resistant, this is the type of material you want in a room that gets a lot of traffic and gets dirty a lot.

The laundry room

A laundry room is used a lot and has a lot of moisture in it, but it can be a difficult area to put flooring in sometimes. This is especially the case if the space is not well-ventilated. You can solve your laundry room problems by having epoxy floors put in. The cost of epoxy floors will vary depending on how long the project takes and how much space is being taken care of. An epoxy flooring specialist will give you a quote before they begin working on your home's floors.