Five Tips For Using Mulch In Your Garden

Have you decided that you want to use mulch to improve your home's garden? It will help to know these five tips for how to use it properly. 

Pick The Right Kind Of Mulch

Start by picking up the right kind of mulch that meets your needs, with there being organic and inorganic mulch. Some people prefer to have organic mulch that is made with straw, grass clippings, leaves, and other organic materials that are going to naturally break down and improve the quality of your soil. Inorganic mulches are made out of materials like stone and gravel and will help prevent weaves from growing and trap moisture.

Apply The Right Amount Of Mulch 

It is possible to use too much mulch in a garden where it causes problems, such as causing the roots of plants to rot. Make sure you follow the directions when it comes to how much mulch to use, since it can be different for organic and inorganic mulch. This is typically just a couple of inches worth of mulch.

Apply The Mulch At The Correct Time

Don't know when to apply your mulch? Aim to do it during the spring months when the ground is dry and the soil is warm. It is possible to mulch too early and delay plant growth and prevent the soil from getting warm. Mulching too late will not be as effective at giving your plants the nutrients that organic mulch can provide. If you are just using inorganic mulch then it's not really possible to mulch too late, since you're using it mainly to prevent weeds. 

Know When To Water

You'll want to apply water to the soil prior to laying down any mulch, which will help the soil settle and reduce any air pockets in the mulch. You should also water the mulch after it has been put in place as well, since it will trap the moisture and help the plants you are trying to help.

Know When To Add More Mulch

That organic mulch is going to break down over time and you'll need to add more. Try to maintain the proper amount of mulch according to the directions. If you can see the soil beneath the mulch you know for sure that there is not enough and you'll definitely need to add more. 

With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to use your mulch the right way.